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Natural Remedy for insomnia or How to fall asleep easily

The title of this post could just be as well be SLEEP IS THE BEST MEDICINE: adequate sleep is essential for our good health and wellbeing.

I used to have a problem. If ever I need to sleep badly, I will be anxious about whether I can fall asleep and then I become more anxious and therefore even more difficult to fall asleep.

Want to know a way to easily fall asleep without sleeping pills? Simple. Just tell yourself that if tonight I cannot sleep, it will be easier for me to fall asleep tomorrow for then you will be naturally tired and sleepy. And if tomorrow you still can't sleep, tell yourself that the next day it will be even easier. If it so happen you can't sleep the first day, the second day, the third day and so on, there will come a time that even if you don't want to sleep, you can be sure you will fall asleep whether you like it or not. So with that kind of knowledge that you will be able to sleep eventually, will you then be anxious about it? And if you aren't anxious, then don't you think it should be not a problem to fall asleep?

That my friend is my natural remedy for insomnia. Previously, sometimes it could be difficult for me to fall asleep. Not anymore.

Another tip: Supposed you have a number of problems not solved yet and you do not yet know the solution. You are anxious about something. This kind of situation will make it hard for you to sleep for you will then be anxious. Just imagine you have a bag. Imagine you put all your concerns and worries and put them all into the bag and close it. Tell yourself you will not worry about them for the time being. Tell yourself when you awake or when you are ready, then only open the bag and think about the solutions etc.

Now free of worries and anxiety do you think you would be able to fall asleep very easily? So friends, these 2 are my natural remedies for insomnia and so far it had been working very well not only for me, but also for my son when he said he don't know if he can sleep one night. I gave him my natural remedy and within minutes, he was asleep.


elsa @ stop snoring said...

So that's your natural cure for insomnia...seems so simple.

Probably that works like hypnosis, so it makes sense.

But I've read in a book that you can eat oatmeal before going to bed because it contains some chemical that can make you more relax (it's a Japanese tip).

Whatever works for you, it's ok. Just don't consume sleeping pills.

Home Remedies said...

Thanks for the information.

natural health remedies said...

You can also try aromatherapy to help you relax your mind. Other means are yoga and meditation.

Randall said...

These surely are the sweetest anti-insomnia tips I have ever read. And it is so true, why worry when you can't sleep? Your body just aren't tired that's all. So just wait till it has reached it peak, it will fold on its own. It is really a nice idea.

info said...

Thanks for posting the insomnia tips! I recently started taking 3mg of Melatonin before going to bed and let me tell you it does the trick!

One thing I found though is it depends on the quality of melatonin - in other words, some brands are lesser quality than others so it takes some experimenting to see which brand (and dosage) works for you.

Hope this helps some others out there!


Sean said...

I can relate well to this coz I have the hard time sleeping at night!

Fungus remedy

Sandy Halliday said...

Good advice.
Simply reducing or avoiding caffeine during the day can help a lot of cases of insomnia.

Health Supplements Canada said...

Insomnia has always been my problem. It affects my health and increases my blood pressure. Thanks for the tips. I now know what to do.

how to lose weight by home remedies said...

I would like to follow your advice but I am doing my yoga to get rid out of it.


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home remedies said...

i have always believed that home remedies are the best medicine

Ayurvedic Beauty Tips said...

Meridian Energy Therapies like EFT have been very successful in curing insomnia due to anxiety and stress.


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