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Brisk walking may help reduce sugar cravings for overweight people

Research done on a group of 47 overweight adults, average age 28 years by Larissa Ledochowski et al, University of Innsbruck, Austria showed that 15 minutes of brisk walking on a threadmill can reduce their sugar cravings as compared with the control group who sat passively for 15 minutes without doing anything


Caesarean or Natural birth: Which is better?

Some pregnant ladies are forced to opt for Caesarean section (surgery) because of some unavoidable circumstances which make natural birth difficult if not impossible. Some opt for Caesarean birth because they fear labour pain . Some goes for Caesarean section because of vanity or convenience so they can chose particular date or time for the birth of their new born.

Which one is better? According to many studies including a published research study Swedish scientists, babies born by Caesarean section have lower levels of good bacteria and chemical imbalances in their immune system that make them more susceptible to allergies and eczema.

True or not? Well, I have a grandson born by Caesarean section who unfortunately have frequent eczema and food allergies being allergic to gluten and many other common food substances. So there you have it. Here is one case that indicates that the above is true.


Advantages of drinking water in the morning

Spotted in one of the dining areas in Google Singapore in Asia Square is this poster about the advantages fo drinking water in the morning, listed below:

#5 - Drinking water on an empty stomach purifies the colon making it easier to absorb nutrients.

#4 - Increases the production of new blood and muscle cells

#3 - Helps with weight loss. Drinking at least 16 onces of chilled water can boost your metabolism by 24% in the morning.

#2 - Glowing skin. Water helps to purge toxins from the blood which help keeps your skin glowing and clear.

#1 - Balances your lymph system. These glands help you perform your daily functions, balances your body fluids, and fight infection.

drink water spotted in Google Singapore
Drink water spotted in Google Singapore


Natural remedy for eczema and dry skin

Dry skin and eczema often comes together. I have inherited dry skin from my late mother whom I remembered had scaly and peeling dry skin on her legs during her later years. I too I noticed had scaly and peeling skin, not only on my legs, but on my face as well.

In addition, I suffered from extensive eczema on my back many years ago. When I was in San Jose, California, because of the dry air, I noticed my leg itching and peeling skin on my legs the next day after arrival.

Using Oilatum soap recommended by a Dermatologist (skin doctor) didn't help much. So how did I solved my dry skin and eczema problems? Simple. I just stopped using soap (except for washing hands and also when using soap is unavoidable which is not often). I just used plain water for bathing.

Did bathing with plain water caused any problems such as body odour? Nope, as far as my observations went. None of my family complained of body odour. Neither did my friends complain of body odor when we gather together. I never notice people moving away when I am forced to be near them such as passengers on public transport or private cars.

I am still monitoring this simple plain water for bathing remedy for dry skin and eczema and will report further developments in due course.


Young human blood boost brain power, delay ageing?

No human clinical trial yet, but studies on mice showed injection of young mice blood into old mice can boost brain power and delay ageing.

Trial had been reported in journals Nature, Science. A third piece of research, also from Harvard, pointed to GDF11 helping to sharpen smell. Alzheimer’s Research UK said the studies were interesting but urged caution.

Source: DRACULA TREATMENT! Injections of young HUMAN BLOOD can boost brain power, delay ageing.


How I beat constipation naturally

I used to suffer from constipation. I used to go for days without a bowel movement, then had to really struggle and strain for my next bowel movement resulting in hard stool (feces). Then may follow increasingly loose stool. Then the next cycle repeats again - many days with no bowel movement, strain hard, hard stool followed by loose stool. The way I broke the cycle is to really increase my fiber intake, eating lots vegetables and fruits plus drink sufficient water.

Not to be forgotten is the need to go immediately to the toilet the moment you sense something in your rectum or you get the urge to defecate. Try your best not to postpone going to the toilet.

Then slowly my bowel movement began to become more regular and easy. For months now I no longer suffer from constipation.


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