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Why I am slim despite how much I eat

I remember very well that when I was younger, however much I eat, I still remain skinny. Similarly my son, despite how much he eats, he is still slim. Perhaps this article in BBC news will answer the whys of that situation:

Five things you might be surprised affects your weight.

These in summary are the five things:

1. Gut microbes (intestinal tract microflora). Microflora diversity (having a healthy and varied diet, rich in different sources of fibre, has been shown to create a more diverse range of gut microbes and reason for you being slim)

2. The gene lottery: Some people are born with genes which tend to make them slim while others more unfortunate have genes which explain why they tend to be fat and obese.

3. The time of your meals: The later you have your meals. The biological clock is such that the body is better able to handle calories in the early part of the day. The old saying "Breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord and dinner like a pauper" has much truth in it.

4. Tricking your brain: Behavioural scientist Hugo Harper suggests a number of ways to subconsciously change your eating behaviour, such as removing visual cues. rather than rely on calorie counting.

5. Hormones

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