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While this blog started its life as and leans towards natural remedies, various events have moved me to also include conventional medicine (allopathic medicine, biomedicine, mainstream medicine, orthodox medicine, and Western medicine) and to consider natural remedies and conventional medicine as 2 wings of a bird, each complementing the other and it is up to us which one to fall back on when seeking remedies or cure depending on situations.

One of the events was when a blogger from United States contacted me, requesting my help for his blog which he hoped can help him earn some income. The blogger was a paraplegic as a result of a horrific accident. Now tell me for a person in a terrible accident causing horrible injuries needing emergency care, what can natural remedy do for him in the immediate aftermath of a serious accident? That really sets me thinking that while there is a place for natural remedies and alternative medicine, it cannot offer all the solutions to people's health problems. There is a place for both

Another piece of news illustrate what I want to say here. For a patient unable to breathe on his own, can he survive without assistance of a ventilator? Moreover, it is interesting to hear that playing music to hospital patients on ventilators helps them to breathe more easily and this is clear illustration of how natural remedies and conventional medicine can complement each other.

Note that the vast majority of posts in this blog are not sponsored post, very occasionally there may be some posts for which I receive a small payment. However, note that sponsored does not necessarily mean false. I will not publish any thing false in this blog irrespective of whether it is a sponsored post or otherwise.


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