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Natural remedy for depression: Mindfulness-based cognative therapy

Here is hope for those suffering depression but do not wants to take anti-depression medicine on a long term basis or who wants to take reduced dosage. It is called Mindfulness-based cognative therapy or MBCT in short.

Scientists in the United Kingdom got a group of patients suffering from clinical depression to participate in a course of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT where patients are trained to focus their mind on the present, spot early signs of depression, then respond in such a way so as to not trigger further re-occurrences.

Compared with another group of patients who continue to take medication, they were found to have similar proportion of patients suffering relapse. Encouraged by this study, doctors in England and Wales are already being encouraged to use MBCT on their patients but were cautioned not to use it on patients with suicidal tendencies.


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