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Bipolar Disorder - pros and cons

Bipolar Disorder is a medical condition which makes a sufferer swing between normal, hypomania, maniac, normal and depending. If you want to know more about bipolar disorder, refer to Wikipedia: Bipolar Disorder and list of people affected by bipolar disorder and also check out the list of famous people with bipolar disorder and you will see many creative and/or intelligent people there, so what is there to be ashame about it?

if you want to make public your disorder and will like to know why some people think bipolar has some very good (in fact great) cons (advantages) and that is why it may be good? to make public and not consider a stigma. However, it does not mean that there are some advantages of being bipolar, no one should try to make oneself bipolar even if that is possible. In fact, the bipolar disorder sufferer should try to maintain a normal state as far as humanly possible by whatever means. Other than medication, there are some who thinks that regular exercise can help. In any case, studies have shown how exercise have helped people with depression. Anyway, essentially the bipolar disorder patient should maintain a health lifestyle including getting enough sleep, exercise, good mental hygiene, healthy food etc and if necessary take the medications prescribed by doctors.

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