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Natural Remedies versus Alternative Medicine Conventional and this blog

What inspired me to write this post is, among others, a paraplegic blogger who asked me to help him earn from his blog. This paraplegic blogger sustained his very serious injuries because of a horrific car accident. His injuries need immediate emergency surgery, and that is conventional medicine. Now in cases like these, what can natural remedies or alternative medicine do? Perhaps later after surgery have helped him stay alive that perhaps some natural remedies or alternative medicine help him in recovery and live a more normal life.

I now consider natural remedies/alternative medicine and conventional medicine as 2 wings of a bird which complement each other or comes into play when the other is of no help. Even conventional medicine is now paying more attention to natural remedies and conventional medicine. Take nutrition for example. Previously, medical schools just cover nutrition on a cursory level only covered in other fields of conventional medicine. In fact, in many medical schools have now made nutrition a compulsory subject. (Landmark decision on nutrition).

Another thing - vaccines. Now this may get natural remedies and conventional medicine die-hard's all riled up, but one cannot deny that many vaccine helped not only where natural remedies cannot, but actually have eradicated some diseases from this surface of the earth.

So while the URL of this blog is and the blog title is Natural Remedies, I will try to present both sides of the coin and write about some conventional medicine for which natural remedies and alternative medicine can help little or not at all or where conventional medicine can supplement natural remedies or alternative medicine.

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Anonymous said...

Well, you're thinking, and that's a good thing. But there is no reason to draw conclusions when you don't have sufficient evidence or experience to draw them. Western medicine is the bare minimum that can be offered to someone injured or with disease. So much more can be achieved with holistic therapies. "Two wings" is not a good enough analogy because there are "infinite" influences on disease and they all need to come into play simultaneously sometimes. Our system of healthcare--is woefully inadequate. But you might have to work within the system to really see that. They can sew up what is torn and set what is broken, but they can't tap into the hidden potential for healing. A simple case of constipation can bring a patient into crisis. That paraplegic has great need for alternative therapies to keep the blood and "qi" moving, to carry out toxins, to relieve pain and anxiety. One system is not a replacement for the other. the way..vaccines have been oversold and overcredited with saving lives. It was sanitation and better nutrition that reduced infectious disease in our country. Do the research--you'll find it.

dermatology laser said...

Conventional treatments are treatments of diseases, not of people.

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From me it is natural remedies that will cure many of our diseases and skin problems as well, also the herbal treatments are very helpful too.


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