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Prescription drug addiction, disadvantage of conventional medicine

As mentioned in an earlier post, natural remedies and conventional medicine are each of a pair of wings (click BACK button to get back to this page), complementing each other. There will be cases where conventional medicine can do nothing, and ditto for natural remedies. Hopefully, where one offered no hope, the other can offer an alternative.

However, conventional medicine has a big drawback - prescription drug addiction. OxyContin drug abuse (click BACK button to get back to this page) is an example.

There are many drug treatment centers which says they can help with addiction recovery. This drug rehab center says they have a holistic drug treatment. The website says that drug addiction has emotional roots and drug rehab centers should not just impose their ideologies upon those addicted to drug, but should listen to them, explore and inform drug addicts how these emotions affect them. In addition, they use expert talk therapy, which taken together can give drug addicts inner peace, which I assume would imply a more effective method of drug rehabilitation. I don't know. Ask them.

If what they say is what they can do, then I think it will gives hope to those who unfortunately have fallen into the trap of prescription drug addition as well as other types of additions.

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prescription drug addiction treatment said...

There are lots of the advantages taking the patient to the drug rehab centers which follow natural treatment like counseling ,and healthy food to facilitate recovery from drug addiction.


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