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Prescription drug addiction, rehabilitation and women

Why many informed people prefer natural remedies to conventional medicine

I have gone for consultation with conventional or medical doctors many times, especially as costs for consultation with conventional or medical doctors are covered by the pension department of my government. One thing I noticed is the tendency to prescribe medications for whatever complaints you voiced out at the consultations. Complain of fever, and you are prescribed medication to lower the body temperature even though fever may be the body's natural way to fight infection with higher body temperature being used as a less conducive situation for bacterial and other infections and help the body natural immune system to get rid of the invaders. Complain of pain, and you are immediately prescribed pain killer medicine. Prescription drug addictions are not uncommon. I have previously published a post about OxyContin addiction and addiction detoxification (click BACK button to get back to this page) where OxyContin, a pain killer prescription drug prone to drug addition and centers detoxification programs are described.

Women, prescription drug addiction and recovery

Here is another website describing prescription drug addiction, but this is a website more for women where they offer coursework, therapy, and other resources for women who have become addicted to prescription drugs.

There is a section to deal with women and drug addiction. At this website, they use forward-looking experiential therapy and a compassionate approach to recovery (natural remedies) rather than depending on more drugs to combat prescription drug addition.

Women addicted to prescription drugs often do not feel comfortable in men dominated prescription drug recovery center. Women, more than men, needs female oriented treatment approach and would probably be more comfortable with women orientated drug addiction recovery

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