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Protector Natural Remedies Wild Life Jane

Lots of existing natural remedies originate from the forests or jungles, but there are still lots and lots of natural remedies not yet discovered. Time is running out as human "civilization" is quickly chopping down the forest, some converted to non-tree kind of developments like housing, factories, etc., for human usage and others converted to plantations which are completely different from the forests with all the Wild Life. This yet undiscovered treasure of nature remedies are in great danger of being destroyed and forever lost to human "civilization". Something must be done, and quickly.

Now Jane of the Jungle and partner of Tarzan is greatly concerned and has now committed herself to protecting these precious treasures and hopefully can enlist Tarzan. However, Tarzan, being very male chauvinistic, may want to reserve his right to make every decision, so may be a bit undependable. So Jane of the Jungle is going to enlist Ballerina Gorilla, the ferocious defender of the Wild to help her.

Ferocious Ballerina Gorilla
Photo of Ferocious Ballerina Gorilla is property of Duncan McKinnon

Now Jane Queen of the Jungle is wishy washy and now thinking of enlisting Waltzing Ladybird:

She heard Waltzing Ladybird is hard at work eating up all the precious medicinal plants' pests and thus protecting the forest treasure chest of medicinal plants.

However, before taking up these important roles, Jane, Queen of the Jungle, and hopefully either Tarzan, Ballerina Gorilla, Waltzing Ladybird or at least one of them will have to attend the Nuffnang Wild Life Party to cement a pact with Samba Tigris to protect our natural forests, a great treasure of existing and yet to be discovered natural remedies for human illnesses. Let us hope that at least two of them get to attend the great Nuffnang Wild Life Party so there will be a formal pact among these guardians of the Jungle to keep those greedy loggers away and prevent our natural forest and its treasure of natural remedies for human illness from being destroyed and lost to humankind forever.

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