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Homeopathy Natural Remedy with Natural Ingredients for Baby Colic

What is Colic?

There are 6 types of colic, according to Wikipedia: Colic. They are:

  1. baby colic or infant colic

  2. renal colic

  3. biliary colic

  4. horse colic

  5. Devon colic

  6. painter's colic

We will just deal with the first one - baby colic.

Baby colic or infant colic

Baby colic is referred to by various other names including infant colic, infantile colic and three month colic. Baby colic is characterized by the crying (in pain) for no apparent reason in an otherwise healthy baby. This distressing crying can extend over a long period with and can also stop abruptly, again for no apparent reason. There seem to be no way to calm the baby down. While traditionally colic had been attribute to trapped gas in the digestive tracts, it seems there really is no single commonly accepted causes.

Natural Remedy for baby colic

I remember from 30 plus years back, mother often feed babies Gripe Water to prevent or to calm down colicky babies. This All natural remedy for colic claims to contain no food coloring or artificial flavors. Check out this link for more information about this natural remedy for infant colic.

Gripe Water by Colic Calm
Photo of Gripe Water by Colic Calm is property of Colic Calm, "the first Homeopathic Gripe Water"

This doesn’t look like that Gripe Water that was so familiar to me some 30 years ago, but after such a lengthy period of time, they probably came up with a better formulation.

I am a grandfather of 1 grandson now, but looks like pretty soon, I will be grandfather of altogether 3 grandchildren and I am pretty sure that my grown children will experience the distress of prolonged period of screaming induced by apparently no particular reason. If this happens, I think I will draw their attention to this post.

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