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Physiotherapy - Treatment sans medicine

Physiotherapy - Treatment sans medicine or Treatment without medicine

Sans is French for without. What? No medicine? Not even food as medicine? Yes, it is called physiotherapy also referred to as physical therapy - no medicine, only using physical manipulation and message of a patient's body. This is especially for disorders like pain or injury.

Physiotherapy in action
Photo of Physiotherapy in action is property of David Lisbona

Physiotherapy for backache

I was warded in the University Hospital for over 10 days. 10 days sleeping on hospital bed and mattress and I had "hospital acquired backache". This kind of disorder is best treated with back physiotherapy. Yes, no medicine. Just let the physiotherapist (PT) massage or manipulate the muscles and the joints, I think.

Physiotherapy for sport injuries

Now my neighbor have problems from playing too much golf. Pains in the joints. I think he can do with a spell of sports physiotherapy

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Ben Cousins Injury said...

I have had significant and repetitive sports injuries and found that physiotherapy was extremely helpful in diagnosing and treating the symptoms and the pain.


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