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Melanoma and early detection

The word cancer strikes fear in most people. Skin cancer or skin neoplasm are named after the type of cells from which they arise. Melanoma which originates from the pigment producing cells (melanocytes) is the least common but the most aggressive and likely to spread leading to fatalities.

Most cases are caused by over-exposure to UV (ultra-violet) light from the sun, sometimes unavoidable, or from sunbeds which is by choice and avoidable. Most of the UV light from the sun are filtered by the ozone layer in the atmosphere but some gets through.

Unfortunately there is such a thing as ozone hole where the concentration of ozone is much reduced. Ozone holes are over the north pole and south pole. Australia is near the south pole and thus Australian residents are more susceptible to over exposure to UV and thus have higher risks of getting skin cancer.

If you are familiar with Australia you probably would have heard of "Slip Slop Slap", the term for that sun protection campaign very prominent in Australia in the 80s.

It is important for early detection of melanoma as then it has a high chance for a cure. Late detection could mean the cancer has already spread to other parts of the body and would be much difficult. It would be wise for Australian to get frequent medical checkup which includes screening for melanoma.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is best to limit sunbathing to 30 mins each day.


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