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Ear Logic: Natural Remedy for Hearing Loss?

Neurosensorial hearing loss or sensitivity reduction is said to be the result of damages and even death of ear sensory hair cells/receptors in the ear. Ear Logic, a Korean company has claimed that by subjecting the ear to stimulation of sound at frequencies where hearings are affected can rejuvenate the hair cells thus leading to restoration of hearing without medication or surgical intervention.

My hearing in the higher frequency range has been affected. I am currently undergoing trials whereby I listen at the lowest possible sound level to recorded sounds in a MP3 for the left ear for 30 to 40 minutes twice a day everyday.

Seemed simple enough but what present a bit of difficulty was setting the lowest sound level at which I could just hear the sound. The instruction was to adjust the sound to a level whereby the sound is inaudible then gradually increasing the sound level till I was just able to hear it.

I found the above a bit difficult as I could not be sure at what point the sound could just be heard. What I did was some experimenting. I set the sound level at a low level then repeatedly switching the sound off then on as it was easier to distinguish the difference between hearing the sound on being first switched on then to start from a low sound level and slowing increasing it.

What I have determined is I currently can just hear the sound at level 24. How many dB it is, I will try to find out. The trial has just started a few days again and hoping there will be good news to share.

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