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Bed bugs problems and your home

bed bug
If you and your home is ever unfortunate enough to be infested with bed bugs, you will know how terrible it is. These tiny creatures are parasitic insects that feed on human blood (real blood suckers) whose preferred adobe is the bed on which you sleep.

As you can see, they are brownish in color with flattened body with no functioning wings reaching 4 to 5cm in length and they are tough survivors able to withstand a wide range of temperatures and going into semi-hibernation when the temperature is very cold and can survive very dry air conditions. They also can survive up to a year without feeding. I would sure hate to have them in my home.

Not only will bed bugs causes terrible irritation, they are a health hazard such as skin rashes, horrible psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Their bites may cause prominent blisters.

They are night creatures and hide in dark crevices and are difficult to detect except from their consequences of their bites. They are thus difficult to eliminate. If your house unfortunately get infested with bed bugs, you should get professional help in eradicating them.

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