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Strategy to reduce salt consumption and blood pressure

The doctor has taken me off the status of pre-hypertension. However, I still need to control salt intake to control the blood pressure.

I am a widower plus am too lazy to cook myself. I take my normal meal once a day in a restaurant where I do not have control over how much salt be in my daily meal, normally in the mid-morning. I then take only fruits in the afternoon and sometimes soy milk for the protein. Both fruits and soy bean milk has no or very negligible salt. That is how I reduce my salt consumption


PieterKalki said...

Dear you, when people want to reduce salt, I now it is difficult! because your are weak you inside somethingcomplains how I avoid or live without it? A normal comment is dont do it in your preperations!Dont eat bread out a shop.Take herbs and a sellery mixture in it, and ask in the restaurant no salt in it Pieter

Peace said...

Thanks for the info about salt. It makes sense.

Prozac said...

Salt is one of those things that can be hard to take out entirely, considering what it does. I sometimes find myself having trouble thinking if I want to spend life having fat-free, salt-free, taste-free meals but living longer than I would otherwise.


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