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Whole cooked carrots anti-cancer (falcarinol)

When you cook carrots, do not cut it up beforehand. This is according to a research done at the School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development of Newcastle University. It seems when carrots is boiled whole, not cut, it will contains one-quarter more of falcarinol which is an anti-cancer compound.

According to lead researcher Dr. Kirsten Brandt, when you chop up the carrots, you are increasing the surface areas through which more nutrients and falcarinol will be leached out during cooking. By not cutting up the carrots prior to cooking, you will reduce this leaching and thus enable more of the anti-cancer falcarinol to remain in the carrots.

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Clare said...

Isn't it just better to eat a whole, raw carrot?

Anonymous said...

Most likely raw is better, but in my case my teeth could not take eating it raw and my colon has issues, so I have to cook.


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