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Khong Guan and Khian Guan Melamine Contaminated Biscuits

The Food Services and Quality division of Malaysia has found melamine contamination (excessive levels) in the following biscuits:

Khong Guan biscuits and melamine content (mg/kg)

Biskut Soda 2.93
Biskut Lemon Puff 3.28
Biskut Lemon Pof 3.7
Biskut Butter Cream 3.76
Biskut Baby Fish 4.08
Biskut Healthy Crakers 4.21
Biskut Cocoa Puff 4.91
Biskut Sandwich Oren 5.04
Biskut Family Crackers 7.6
Biskut Bentuk Binatang 8.99
Biskut Rokok 10.2
Biskut Mini Puff 2.2

Khian Guan bisuits and melamin content (mg/kg)

Biskut Creamy Chocolate 3.66
Biskut Lemon Puff 3.91
Biskut Square Puff 4.36
Biskut Cocoa Puff 5.04
Biskut Jagung Puff 6.46

The melamine contamination originated from raising agent ammonium bicarbonate from China used in the biscuits. The ammonium bicarbonate used by Khong Guan was found to have 33.4ppm (parts per million) melamine while that used by Khian Guan was found to have 508ppm melamine.

Source: theStar Nation page N3

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