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Mitral Valve Abnormality and Valve Replacement

Blood Circulation - the Heart

Blood circulate through our body bring oxygen, fuel to supply us with energy, nutrients, and bring carbon dioxide and other waste products to excretion organs like the lungs, kidney and liver. The pump that keeps this crucial blood circulation going is the heart.

Mitral Valve or Bicuspid Valve or left atrioventricular valve

The heart is divided into the left side and the right side which in turn are divided into chamber. The mitral valve is the valve between the left atrium and the left ventricle and prevents blood from flowing backward. This valve may not be able to perform this function well and the abnormality can be from birth (congenital), degenerate from aging, rheumatic fever or bacterial endocarditis (infection).

Mitral Valve Replacement

When the mitral valve is not performing this task well (leakage), there is no natural remedy that can solve that medical problem as it is a physical and physiological problem. One has to think of mitral valve surgery and mitral valve repair. If the Mitral valve cannot be repaired, the doctor and the patient must think of mitral valve replacement.

Tell me, what natural remedy or food can solve the problem of a defective Mitral valve?

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