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Shaving, health and other benefits

When I was working, I shave daily. When I retired, the habit died. My children noticed. Then they gave a subtle hint. See My first grandchild at his grandfather's 58th birthday gathering. I got the hint plus also realise the various benefits of shaving.

In the first place, I think having a thick mustache and beard isn't too hygienic. Food tend to get stuck there. Another thing is it improves your personal grooming and appearance and lead to a better self-image, a better sense of well being and a better psychological state. These can be considered health benefits.

If you followed the link above, you will read that my children bought me an electric shaver. I previously used an ordinary razor, which is not so pleasant and convenient way to shave. Perhaps that was why shaving became a very rare event after my retirement. Now with the electrical shaver, it is very convenient and not a chore anymore.

I don't know where they got the shaver from, and if they did any comparison shopping before they put their money down for the shaver. But if I had know what they are going to buy, I would advice them to do a bit of comparison shopping like using Electric Shavers which rank electric shavers using their propriety WIZERANK which is a number ranging from 0 (worst) to 100 (best) to rank items like electric shavers. WIZERANK is simple to interpret. WIZERANK of 0 to 49 according to them is "Not recommended. 50 to 74 and you are advised to proceed with caution. 75 to 89 indicates that the item might meet your needs. And the highest 90 to 100 says you can buy with confidence. Can anything be simpler than that?

Yes and no. Yes because the numbers are easy to understand. No because that ranking website have more ways to help you make a decision depending on what your objectives are. You can filter according to price, brands, type, gender and number of heads. If you are the thrifty type like me who put price at the top of priority, you may look for budget electric shavers like electric shavers less than $30. On the other hand, you may be brand conscious and go for particular brands like Philips electric shaver which is the brand of electric shaver I got for my 58th birthday. Or you may be influenced by the number of heads on the electrical shaver and filter according to that. How they decided on the electrical shaver they bought for me for my birthday I do not know, but I ended up with a 2 heads electric shaver and very satisfied with that. What use have I for an electric shaver with 4 heads?

Let us hope you too will get birthday presents that give health benefits, improve your self-image and thus psychological well being.

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