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Papaya, the wonder and cost effective fruit

I have long been a regular consumer of the papaya fruit. When I attended a talk organized for premium account holder of OCBC Bank (Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Bank) by Dr. Lim Hua An, he started off with the exact quotation you see in this blog Header -"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food". He divided his talk into 3 parts, Nutrition, Colon Cleansing and the third part I couldn't remember.

My confidence in him increased when to my question as to which is more important, he answered "nutrition". He said if you get your nutrition correct, the rest will automatically follow.

He also said one of he best fruit to eat is the humble papaya:

papaya fruit

He confirmed what I had believed all along, that papaya contains lots of carotene and vitamin C. To me, on per weight basis, it is also one of the cheapest fruit I can buy and thus the most cost effective. I hope to edit this post later to write more about the virtues of the lowly papaya fruit. At the moment, I am in a hurry to use this post to demonstrate the use of an image to sign your post. I will post the link to the instructions later.

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Anonymous said...

Is Lim Hua An a real doctor? You should check with Ministry of Health. His Regenesis Centre is running a Live Blood Analysis (LBA) scam. The American conman who created the LBA program and microscope was recently charged with fraud in Dec 2008. See:

Anonymous said...

I would take anything I read on "quackwatch" with a grain of salt. FYI


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