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Alternative Medicine and Herbal Cures

Medical science have advanced tremendously, so too has the pharmaceutical field. Many medical problems are better treated by conventional medicine (doctors). However, there is growing disenchantment, especially with drug companies. True or not, I do not know, there are people who are suspicious of pharmaceutical companies being too close to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). David Graham, associate director for science and medicine in the FDA's Office of Drug Safety, testified at the Congress about FDA's problems with ensuring drug safety. He was called before the Senate Finance Committee to explain why it took the FDA so long to acknowledge that the pain killer Vioxx (Merck withdrew the drug from the market in September 2004) increased cardiovascular risks although the FDA knew of the risks since 1999. There are also concerns about side effects of drugs. This has caused increasing number of people to turn to herbs and alternative medicine. China has used herbs for medical problems for centuries.

There are numerous sites offering alternative medicine, and one of them is alternative medicine. One thing caught my eye on that site - Quit Smoking Treatment. Why am I interested in that? I don't smoke. Unfortunately, somehow, my 2 sons has caught the habit. I think it was during their late mother's long fight with cancer. I did not handle the situation well. The atmosphere in the home was highly stressful and I suspected it affected them. Moral of the story - keep the atmosphere in your home stress-free. I believe the only way for a smoker to stop smoking is when he wants to. I have tried to persuade my sons, and have mentioned there are drugs (patches among others) that can help them stop smoking. Anyway, a few weeks ago, my eldest son told me he has stopped smoking for days already, and he enquired about the drugs that can help him stop smoking in case he needs it. I might just have a closer look at what that have to offer.

I am now 57 years old, and people of my age often are prone to various medical problems, often hormone related. One of them is prostate enlargement (Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), Cancer of the prostate, Prostatitis). I see that mentioned at herbs for men. One of the problems mentioned is impotence. I have no problem with that. I am a widower. But there are other things of interest, such as blood pressure problems, arthritis and rheumatism, digestive disorders, general tiredness. Thank God I have none of these, but those who have may want to have a look at what kind of herbal cures they have for such medical conditions.

Premature ejaculation is not a condition that affect people of my age, and in any case, is not a problem for me. Those who are concerned about this, perhaps they should have a look at Stop premature Ejaculation. It seems they have formulated a natural herbal product which is a water-based lubricant to help prevent embarrassing premature ejaculation. The lubricant dries naturally, thus you don't get sticky problems. They say that the main ingredients, among others, are L-Argynine; Arginine, and an amino acid that enhances sexual stimulation. Concerned with your sexual life or sexual difficulties. Have a look at what they have to offer.

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