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Natural Remedy for Flu and sore throat

I caught a mild flu, a slight running nose plus a terrible sore throat many days ago. I heard there is no cure for flu which is caused by a virus. The phlegm was not yellow so that means there is no bacterial infection. So I didn't bother to visit my doctor. For the sore throat, a few of salt water gargles got rid of it. That little bit of salt probably cost me a couple of cents. As for the flu, I just let my immune system takes care of it. My daughter was concerned and started pushing vitamin C bubbling tablets to me, so I decided to buy lots of oranges and ate lots of them for the vitamin C she says I need. Well, the flu did go away, but it took a week plus.

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However, I wonder if not going to the doctor was a wise move as after I threw off the flu, my eldest son got tonsilitis and my youngest son caught flu too and both of them went to see the doctors. I just wonder if I had gone to see the doctor, my flu might have left me earlier and it may not have passed on to my sons.

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