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Exercise and diabetes

My father was diabetic. I have had a Glucose Tolerance Test done, and the test shows that after consuming the sugar solution, my blood sugar falls slowly, which means I have Impaired Glucose Tolerance.

I have come across many articles mentioning that regular exercise is good for keeping diabetes at bay.

Healthy Ways to Keep Diabetes at Bay
Exercise a Day May Keep Diabetes at Bay

Children should exercise more to keep diabetes at bay, experts warn
Diet and Exercise May Be Keys to Avoiding Diabetes
Diabetes and Exercise

Conclusion? I need to exercise.


Joe Muka said...

I'm just checking out all kinds of blogs that could help me with my site about healthy articles and other health stuff....I like your site!

Anji said...

I'm "Pre diabetic" and I walk at least 30 minutes every day. I test my blood sugar and keep a food diary, you can really see the difference! I like your site, lots of useful information!


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