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Food to help impregnate your wife

Food to rejuvenate aging sperm

Why do man's sperm sometime not succeed at impregnating a woman? Some causes are the sperm are too few in number or volume, is abnormal of of poor quality, is too sluggish, the sperms tend to clump together (agglutination). These problems increase with age and consequently older men are infertile. For such men, there may be a solution - Vitamin C. Sterile inducing clumping seem to be induced by oxidative damage from free radicals. Vitamin C, an antioxidant, protects semen from being degraded by free radicals. Men who have a deficiency of Vitamin C are also more likely to have genetically damaged sperm which can cause birth defects.

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haidi said...

Great news for me because i'm looking for my 2nd child. I have try many thing to get my 2nd child, i shall try the vitamin C.


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