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Food that may dampen the urge to smoke

Food that may stifle the craving for nicotine:

In Ayurvedic medicine, boiled oats have been used to treat opium addiction. Someone noticed that recovered addicts often lost interest in cigarettes as well. Based on this observation, C. L. Anand of Ruchill Hospital, Glasgow, to do a double-blind, placebo-controlled experiment in which committed cigarette smokers were divided into 2 group. Those in 1 group were given an extract of fresh oats, and the other a placebo. It was found that after 1 month, those give the oats extract had diminished cravings for cigarettes and were smoking only one-third as many cigarettes. Five of the 13 given oats extract stopped smoking entirely, 7 cut back by 50% and only 1 continued smoking as before. The craving was suppressed for as long as 2 months after the smoker stopped eating the oats.

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