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Exercise is really the best medicine - motivation to continue

I have first written about struggle with high blood pressure in October 2005, about how the doctor wanted to put me on hypertension medication. I told the doctor, if I start taking those medicine, I may have to take them for life, and that I wanted to try exercise and diet first. I did and eventually the doctor told me he would not even consider me as pre-hypertensive.

Since then, my blood pressure have been fluctuating around the normal 120/88. Recently I have started an exercise regime of the following daily ritual - 5-10 minutes of warm up on the recumbent bike and 30 minutes of brisk walking on the threadmill at a rate which is close to the maximum heart rate for my age group.

The results were the measured heart rate were consistently below the normal 80/120. For example, I just measured with the heart rate and it was only 110/70

As such, I believe exercise was the best medicine for maintaining a healthy heart rate and for cardiovascular health.

However, exercise may be dull and monotonous and my motivation to continue is

1. exercise in step to the beat of a nice song or music
2. keep in mind that exercise keeps away hypertension and other cardiovascular problems, diabetes and cancer. Image those horrible medicine I would have to otherwise take if not for exercise.


Arizer said...

It is all to true, especially the older I get.

Peter @ Enviroman said...

Arizer, let's motivate each other to keep exercising. My motivation is to imagine putting a cross to cut out all the medications that I would otherwise may eventually have to take for hypertension, diabetes and cancer. It is great to be free of them.

buy wholesale herbal incense said...

I do agree that exercise keeps away hypertension and its the best way to stay fit and healthy.


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