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Natural Remedy for prostate cancer

Researchers at the University of California San Francisco have found that men recently diagnosed with localised prostate cancer (meaning it has not started to spread) can slow down the disease by taking BRISK WALKS (note the emphasis) as they also found that just strolling does not help. So can brisk walks be a natural remedy for localized prostate cancer?

Some possibility of how that works - it had been suggested that perhaps brisk walks affect prostate cancer progression by changing blood levels of some proteins that have been shown to encourage cancer growth.

Now for some disclaimers:

1. It is possible that their results may just be because those who participate in brisk walking may be just living a healthier lifestyle such as not smoking, healthy diet, etc. rather than a direct connection and further studies may be needed

2. Those who have not previously exercise regularly should first consult their doctors before setting out to do rigorous exercises.

Whatever it is, this is another confirmation that exercise is the best medicine and I am going to restart my regular brisk walking although I have not yet been diagnosed with prostate cancer plus for for other studies that showed screening for prostate cancer need not necessarily have a higher survival rate.

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