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Exercise: Anti-ageing natural remedy

Ageing brings with it not only wrinkles, but also other body changes such as decrease of muscle mass, blood pumping capacity, metabolic rate and bone density which makes bones more fragile and susceptible to fractures. Ageing brings with it obesity, raised cholesterol levels, arthritis, osteoporosis and obesity heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. One does not die from old age; one die from diseases.

Regular exercise, however, can roll back the years. Regular exercise can slow age-related degeneration of bone, muscle, skin, nerves and cells. By being physically active, you can age comfortably, stay alert and vibrant. Strength training forces muscles to contract and make more protein, new muscle tissues and prevent muscle loss which accompany ageing. Regular exercise stimulate the pituary gland to increase HGF (Human Growth Hormone) production.

Deficiency in Human Growth Hormone results in less energy, memory loss, reduced libido (sex drive), decreasing muscle and skin tone, impaired eyesight, bone loss and hair loss (somatopause). Don't try artificial HGH injection or supplement as they have been found to be not safe as such treatments increase cancer risks, especially prostate and breast cancer, and diabetes.

What research showed:

University of Texas researchers, Behavioural Medicine: Physical inactivity speed up ageing and lead to rapid onset of muscle wastage, decreased endurance, loss of flexibility and balance

University of Texas researchers: Walking, weightlifting, flexibility training and other forms of exercise can help older people avoid the disabilities normally associated with ageing and can even reverse the ageing process itself.

Dr. Chuck McCauley, cardiology Department, Marshfield Clinic, Wisconsin, US: Clinically speaking, people who exercise throughout their lives seem to d a lot better physically at handling daily activities of life as they head into older age.

"Staying Alive" Australia's The Age, 11 March 2004: It is never too late to start exercising. In a study, when sedentary 50-year olds began exercising for 1 hour a day for 4-5 days a week, their aerobic capacity returned to where it was when they were 20.

European Journal of Applied Physiology, 1996: A study showed a large elevation of HGH in response to sprints on an exercise bike and has some tips to give:

tip 1 - In terms of training, research has shown that multiple daily sessions can give rise to optimal high secretion over a 24-hour period

tip 2 - A study investigating the effects of 3 exercise sessions a day - with either 1.5 or 3-hour recovery periods between them - found the longer recoveries led to the greatest volumn of 24-hour HGH Secretion (Journal of Applied Physiology, 1997)

tip 3 - For best results, don't eat for at least 2 hours before exercising so that the exercise-induced release of HGH is not counteracted by high levels of insulin in your blog.

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P. Rov said...

If you feel you don't have time for anything, try jumping rope, or incorporate your exercise into something else you do, for example, if you work or live in a high rise building, take the stairs up and down. Exercising does you no good if you just go out and eat more when you are finished. Dieting is the first key to any truly successful weight loss, especially when you want to make sure that you not only get those pounds off, but that you keep them off, too.Quick weight loss diets do work, but they work even better combined with regular sustained physical activity for forty-five minutes or more at least five days a week. Remember that it's important to check with your physician if you have a substantial amount of weight to lose, if you have any type of health condition, and/or you do not exercise on a regular basis or are sedentary.

P: Rovill said...

Hair loss. i didn't lose all my hair, but it's definitely more shabby than it was pre-cancer. i lost quite a bit of hair on my head, my eyebrows are pretty pathetic, my eyelashes are thinner, and i don't think the hair under my arms is growing anymore. but, of course, i still have to shave my legs...figures, right? oh, and the hair in my nose has mostly fallen out...which you'd think wouldn't be a big deal, because everyone thinks it's gross anyways. i would have agreed with you, until i realized the source of my constant runny nose was the lack of hair to slow it down. i could do without the hair under my arms growing back, but i'd like to put a rush order in for the nose hair returning.

P. Rocerin said...

Take a small handful of hair in you hand and tug it as hard as you can. If you have more than six strands of hair in your hand then you are losing hair. A natural loss would be less than six strands of hair a day. Did you just try it? The "how to tell if you are losing your hair" test is the best home test I know to test for hair loss.

Peter @ Enviroman said...

Sound like a painful test? said...
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John Tyler said...

You may also want to try using psychological means. Thetahealing sets your mind into a relaxed state and removes any anxieties that you may be feeling. Theta Healing will give you a healthy mind by which will make you feel younger. When you think about it, the younger think of yourself the younger you really are.

Alex said...

I am 22 and I still want to look 22 ten years from now. What natural anti-aging things should i put? thanks

Peter @ Enviroman said...

Lots of people are pushing various products that claimed to do what you want and may cost you a bomb but exercise is free although it would not do to the extend of making you look 20 when you are 200.

P Ropecia said...

I am doing all exercises from the age of 10 but I would like to continue until I become old.

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