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Allergy blood test results by Allergy Diagnostics Sdn. Bhd.

Date: 2 & 3 March 2010

ImmunoCAP Total IgE concentration: 1393 kU/l

Test CodeTest nameConcentrationClass
d1D. pteronyssinus>1006
d2D. farinae>1006
Rd201Blomia tropicalis49.8 kUA/l4
ex2e1 e5 e6 e67 e880.50 kUA/l1
f1Egg white<0.350
f4Wheat1.36 kUA/l2
f13Peanut1.30 kUA/l2
f14Soya bean1.27 kUA/l2
f24Shrimp2.26 kUA/l2
f1BIkan bilis1.11 kUA/l2
f9Rice0.60 kUA/l1
f35Potato4.56 kUA/l3
f7Oat0.48 kUA/l1
f47Garlic2.13 kUA/l2
f212Mushroom (champignon)<0.350
f1TIkan tengiri<0.350
f91Mango0.86 kUA/l2
f293Papaya1.47 kUA/l2

Total serum IgE level at 1391 KU/L (normal level 50) is significantly elevated, indicating very high probablity of IgE mediated allergy reaction consistent with atopy.

Specific allergen test for aeroallergen (dust mites D. pteronyssinus, D. farinae, Blomia tropicalis) showed positive reaction

Specific allergen test for food allergens (wheat, peanut, soya bean, shrimp, ikan bilis, rice, potato, oat, garlic, mango, papaya) showed positive reaction

Specific allergen test for food allergens (egg white, cows milk, mushroom, sardine, ikan tengiri) showed negative reaction


Elimination diet avoiding offending foods and all food products containing them in any form, should be practiced for at least 4 months

House dust mite allergens are commonly associated with allergic rhinitis, asthma and sometimes atopic dermatitis. Immediate measures should be taken to control dust mite infestation in the home environment. The following procedures have been found useful to reduce dust mite populations:

(a) All dust trapping objects (carpets, furry toys, thick curtains, book shelves, old newspapers, etc.) should be removed from the bedroom. Daily wet-mop the floor of the house to reduce dust. Anti-dust mite formulations can be sprayed in unaccessible places. The use of an air filter with HEPA attachment in the bedroom may be beneficial

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(b) Spray acaracide (a special formulation which kills house dust mites) on mattress, pillows, carpets and upholstered furniture (Use Demitize anti-dust mits spray for best results)

Alternative: Buy Demite laundry additives, spray etc.

(c) Totally encase pillow and mattress with anti-dust mite control barriers (Specifically designed allergy control barriers that prevent dust mite or other allergens to pass through it to reach patient's body. Mattress must be totally encased to be effective) to isolate the dust mite allergens (Use Demitze anti-dust mite mattress/pillow allergicover for best results)

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(d) All bed linens should be washed at 55o/130oF at least once a week

3. Furry household pets, probably dog or cat in this case, are a major source of allergens, which are derived from tiny scales of skin (dander) shed by the animal, dried saliva and urine. These animal allergens circulate throughout the house as dust particles. Removal of the pet from the house is advised. Implement rigorous regular cleaning program of home to remove traces of allergen adherring to the floor, walls, beddings and furniture. Do not permit pets to enter the bedroom. An air filter with HEPA attachment in the bedroom may help.

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