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Natural remedy for constipation - water

Yes, lots of water. Not too long ago, I had constipation even though I eat enough fruits and vegetables. Eating oats porridge in the morning which used to produced smooth and easy passage for the stools, didn't work. Neither did eating dried prunes.

I then remembered my sister's words when I expressed wonder at how anyone can pass motion a few times a day when I have problems with even passing motion once in a few days. Drink lots of water, she said. I did that and my constipation is now history.


Rose Belle said...

My four year old had frequent constipation. Forcing her to drink water was impossible. She loves fruits but that didn't help much. The two things that helped were green tea and yogurt. Even as little as a fourth of a cup a day made a big difference. Yogurt is great for a strong immune system and making her have regular bowel movement. She loves yogurt even the plain ones so that makes my life a lot easier. She still drinks green tea and eat yogurt daily til this day.

Cindy said...

I was constipated all of my life. I have tried it all, water, prunes, Metamucil. Not until I started eating only raw plant material did I get truly amazing results. I take 1 heaping tablespoon of pure Certified Organic Alfalfa Powder every morning in a fruit smoothie or in my "Phil's Ultimate Breakfast" and my bowels have never been happier! Try <a href=">Suede Hills Organic Farm</a> Alfalfa Powder or capsules. Real raw fruits and veggies are the answer. Eliminate the stuff people call "food" and eat only that which we physiologically were designed to eat, raw plant material, and constipation will a thing of the past, and your overall health will greatly improve too.


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