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Pleasant music restore vision of visual neglect patients

Here is another research which proved that music is the best medicine. Researchers from Imperial College London led by Dr. David Soto studied the effects of listening to music on stroke patients who have developed visual neglect (loss of ability to track objects in the visual field on the side opposite to the part of the brain damaged by stroke).

Visual neglect is a very distressing disability suffered by 60% of stroke patients with extreme cases where victims can only eat only the food on half side of the plate or shave only half of the face.

The researchers gave 3 visual neglect patients various tasks like identifying colored shapes or red lights in the impaired side of vision in 3 circumstances - listening to music they like, music they did not like, and in silence. It was found that the 3 patients could identify more accurately colored shapes and red lights in their impaired side of vision while listening to music they liked.

According to Dr. David Soto, "Music appears to improve awareness because of its positive emotional effect on the patient, so similar beneficial effects may also be gained by making the patient happy in other ways."

The researchers found that listening to pleasant music can restore visions of visual neglect patients.

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