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Green-lipped mussels fight arthritis

Coastal-dwelling Maori have been observed to have very low incidence of arthritis and related diseases and researchers have attributed this to their consumption of green-lipped mussels found exclusively in the pristine marine waters of New Zealand:

green-lipped mussels

Now a Hong Kong clinical trial led by Prof. CS Lau of University of Hong Kong rheumatology division Department of Medicine have shown that a lipid extract from green-lipped mussels is effective in reducing pain and improving arthritic condition and improvement of joint function. In the clinical trial, 70% of 60 osteoarthritis patients put on a diet of the green-lipped mussels lipid extract were found to have experienced significant improvement in joint tenderness, morning joint stiffness, grip strength and overall have better mobility after four and eight weeks.

In another six month long clinical trial in Glassgow, Scotland, 76% of rheumatoid arthritis patients put on the green-lipped mussels lipid extract reported significant improvement.

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Green lipped mussel said...

Green Lipped Mussel is brownish green. It is originated from from New Zealand. It is rich in protein, multi-vitamin including essential B-complex vitamins, iron, multi-mineral, amino acids and Omega 3 fatty acids. It is healthy in many ways: Women suffering from multiple sclerosis, respiratory discomfort, asthma, skin trouble feel tremendous relief, helps in weight loss process etc.


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