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Diabetes cure? Liver regulates blood sugar

Insulin used to regulate blood sugar is produced by the pancreas. If the pancreas is damaged, the body is unable to produce insulin thus leading to diabetes. Recently, Dr. Lawrence Chan and his research team at the the Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, succeeded in injecting a gene into mice which converted stem cells in the liver to be capable of producing insulin. According to Dr. Vijay Yechoo, co-author of Dr. Lawrence Chan, mice injected with the gene responded within a week and their blood sugar falls to normal level and stayed normal throughout their normal life. This raise the hope that they may be on the way to a cure for diabetes. The only problem is they used a virus to cause the liver stem cells to bond with the gene called neurogenin3. That virus which can be deadly to human. Let us hope they find a way around that problem.

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