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Robotic Heart Bypass Surgery

Are you a natural remedy fanatic? Don't be. Be a sensible natural remedy fan. Why? If you are a natural remedy fanatic, you may be prone to reject modern medical treatment when that is warranted. I had, not too long ago helped a paraplegic with his blog. He had met with a horrific accident. Tell me, if you are very badly injured, would natural remedy help? No, you would need to be sent to the emergency ward and probably need surgery to keep you alive.

Similar with coronary artery diseases. The natural remedy should come before you have coronary artery diseases, not after you are stuck with it. That natural remedy should be preventive medicine. While you are still healthy, you should be guarding your health by sticking to a healthy diet. If not, your coronary arteries (small arteries in the heart) can become clogged with fats and cholesterol and your heart muscles can be starved of blood and the life giving oxygen.

If you have not taken good care of your diet and health and you are unfortunate to be struck with coronary artery disease, you will need a Coronary bypass. This will involve Coronary artery bypass surgery.

Surgery requires very steady hands to guide the knifes accurately. It is no surprise that robotics has now invaded the operation theatres as robots can be guided very accurately. So it is no surprise that nowadays we have Robotic heart surgery.

So don't be a natural remedy fanatic. There are situations where natural remedies are appropriate and there are situations where conventional medicine are appropriate. If you are suffering symptoms of coronary heart diseases such as angina pains, seek proper medical help.


Saurabh Shastri said...

You are absolutely right Peter. We cant afford to be natural-remedy-fanatic in some cases. But for other diseases like cough, fever, etc. its better to go for natural remedy. Natural remedy do not have any side effects.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a balanced article that shows the difference between preventative care and care for immediate problems. I think it is important to understand, however, that natural remedies can work in conjunction with western medical procedures, helping the body to recover more quickly from surgery and achieve balance.



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