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Zero cost and very effective treadmill (exercise machine)

It is well know that exercise can help keep diabetes and cardiovascular disorder like hypertension (high blood pressure) at bay. I belong to the high risk group for both. 2 of my cousins and an uncle died of ruptured blood vessel in the brain and another cousin had been taking medicine for 20 years to control his blood pressure. My father had diabetes and suffered a stroke. I am fortunate to be not diabetic. Since retirement, I had become an Internet addict and had spend most of my waking hours sedentary in front of the computer. Probably because of lack of exercise, I had a scare recently. My blood pressure was 150 over 90. One week later, a second measurement showed it to be 150 over 100 putting me in stage 1 hypertension. It is not that I had no exercise at all. I had been joining a group in low impact aerobic exercise. However, the doctor said that was not enough.

So now what I do is to is turned on the video of that low impact aerobic exercise and walk to the beat of the music

and walk up and down the staircase

cost free threadmill
This photo belong to Bashar Al-Ba'noon

Presto, I have a cost free exercise machine which is better than a treadmill. It is the one of the best exercise machine I ever have. Not only it didn't cost me a cent, it is also fun to walk up and down the staircase to the beat of the music. It is not boring and very effective. Within just 2 minutes I will be sweating and slightly breathless which is exactly the type of exercise I need. And my blood pressure is now lower.

Caution: Before embarking on any program of strenuous exercises, consult your doctor. Take care when going up and down staircase to avoid fall which can cause injuries. I slide my hands over the banister as I tread up and down the staircase so I can stabilize myself in case I become unbalanced

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