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Personal emergency response system (PERS)

Two years back, a relative of mine asked if I am willing to accommodate their mother who is suffering from Alzheimer's. I wished I had known about this Medical Alarm.

GPS wrist watch speaker phoneGPS map medical alertno activity no movement alert
medical alarm - medicine reminder alertmedical alarm - fall alertmedical alarm - wander alert

The above photos belong to Brickhouse Alert

Apparently, they have this GPS bracelet which this lady could have worn around the wrist and her exact location will be known to a team of trained professionals. Now if she wanders out of range of the house, the team of trained professionals will be alerted and they can communicate with her via the GPS bracelet which happened to also be a speaker phone. A trained professional will assess the situation and will make a decision as to whether to contact one of a pre-chosen helpers which can be her relatives or friends. Alternatively, if the situation warrants it, the trained professional may contact either the ambulance, firemen or police and notify them of her exact GPS coordinates.

A combination of the GPS bracelet cum BrickHouse Alert Tele-Assist (a home console) will make a PERS (personal emergency response systems) which can sense if she falls (fall alert), sense her activities and if she either falls or if there is no activity for a period of time, alert the team of trained professions. In addition, there is also an intruder alarm plus remind her of certain necessary activities such as taking the medicine, etc.

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