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Lockers for hospitals and rebabilitation centers

Why lockers are needed

If you ever needs medical treatment, conventional or alternative medicine, it is not impossible that you will need to check into a hospital or a rehabilitation center. It is highly unlikely that you will be provided all the items you will need for your temporary stay, especially personal items like toiletries, wallet, handbag, valuables like wedding ring, etc. Such an institution is frequented by all sorts of people and if you are not provided with lockers for you to lock up these items, it will likely go missing. Lockets are essential in public or semi-public places like hospitals or rehabilitation centers.

So far we have mentioned the needs of inmates (patients). What about the staff? They too may bring personal items and they too may need lockers to secure those items they bring but which they cannot carry around with them all the time while on duty. Some of these institutions may also provide lockers for mails (mailbox lockers).

Types of lockers

Here is one type of lockers I like - digital lockers:

digital lockers
Photo of green digital lockers is property of Alex Thomson

Imagine, no keys to carry around, no keys to get lost (OK there are number combinations to forget, but choose an easily remembered number combination to reduce the chances).

Such lockers, digital or otherwise, can either be Plastic Lockers or standard Metal Lockers. It appear to me that metal lockers are more secure as it is much harder to break a metal locker than a plastic one.

Whatever type of lockers are provided, I am very sure they would both be welcomed by staff as well as temporary residents.

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