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You may be very careful about your diet and other aspect of fitness and health and reduce your chance of getting sick, but really there is no guarantee of freedom from illness or death. One may fall sick anytime, and if the one who fall sick is the financial provider of the family, this may have a devastating effect on the family. This is why having an insurance policy is important. Life insurance protects a person or family against losing their income if the income earner dies. Life insurance provides for a payment of a sum of money upon the death of the insured. Some life insurance are also used as a means of investment or saving. A life insurance may have other benefits like medical benefits, etc. It is important that you make provision for those you leave behind in case something happens to you. There are various types of life insurance and it is important you find out what are your options and the premium you have to pay when purchasing an insurance policy. You can get instant online quotes from 140 insurance companies for comparison at Term Life Insurance Quotes.

Generally getting a life insurance policy involves going through the hassle of a medical examination, and some may not want to go through the hassle. For others, this may be an obstacle to getting a life insurance policy. There are available No Medical Life Insurance in which application may just involve answering a few simple questions regarding your age, health , the level of cover you require, your previous medical history, the type of cover you want, etc. You need to be truthful in answering such questions as giving a false answer may result in the cancellation of the policy. Such no medical insurance policy however have various kind of restrictions such as limiting the face value to $10,000 to $50,000 in the initial qualifying period which may be something like 2 years. Thereafter, the full face amount is payable in the event of death. In the event of death during the qualifying period, the amount payable may just be a refund of the premium.

The premium payable will also depend on whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker. You can find out the difference between the premium that a smoker have to pay as compared to a non-smoker by getting instant quotations from Free instant quote for Smoker's Life Insurance and Free instant quote for NonSmoker's Life Insurance. I just hope that the financial incentive you find by comparison is sufficient to persuade you to quit smoking.

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