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Food for Anaemia

What is Anaemia

Level of haemoglobin which carries oxygen in the blood cells is insufficient or number of red blood cells fall below normal level.

Types of anaemia

There are 4 main types of anaemia:
1. Not eating enough iron or loss of blood through heavy periods, internal bleeding via ulcers or cancer. Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anaemia, especially among adolescent girls and women during their reproductive years.
2. When red blood cells break down faster than they can be replaced such as in sickle-cell disease.
3. Leukaemia where production of red blood cells are impaired.
4. Deficiency of vitamin B12 which is needed for proper absorption of iron.

Food for Anaemia

Eat liver because it is rich in iron. Pregnant women, however, should avoid liver because of the risk of excessive intake of vitamin A which can result in birth defects. Eat red meat, offal, chicken, fish and fresh green vegetables. Avoid drinking tea during mealtime as tannin in tea can inhibit absorption of iron. Eat leafy greens, grains, pulses accompanied by vitamin C such as tomato salad and orange juice as vitamin C can promote the absorption of iron from non-meat sources. Take iron supplements and vitamins, or even injection of vitamin B12 for more severe cases.

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