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A natural way to stop smoking

While surfing today, I came across an interesting article about how Steve Hill and his wife quit smoking. It involved not "eating" something, and that something is cigarettes.

Steve's article was actually titled "Increase AdSense Earnings by quitting smoking" and this is the story of how he and his wife came to stop smoking. Steve is a Google AdSense account holder who earns by placing ads relevant to a Website content, by putting referral buttons or text links to Google products, and by putting a Google searchbar on his site. You can learn more about the various ways in this post: How can I earn from Google AdSense. If you are interested in doing this yourself, and you have a website, you too can apply for an account by clicking on the text link "Generate revenue from your website" at the top of the right sidebar. If you do not have a website, starting a blog is very easy now as you will find out from this "online book" Dummies Guide to Google Blogger. This is what I myself is doing and am learning new things everyday and am enjoying every moment, plus I get to supplement my monthly pension without having to foot out any expenses, plus keep myself happily occupied. I do not mind this as the ads are contextual (that means usually relevant to the content of the site) and to tell you the truth, often I myself am interested in what ads has to offer on my own site, but have to be careful not to click on them as that can be considered invalid clicks and can get my account suspended by AdSense.

This is his story: In the first couple of months that Steve joined AdSense, he often sign into his AdSense account to see the report on how much he earns on a particular day. He admited he is nowhere earning an amount that would enable him to retire on AdSense earnings. He would be happy if it was over USD10. He admitted that his average then was only around 5-6 USD. He would try to find ways to increase traffic to his site, as earning depend on traffic. He also considered starting more Websites.

One day, he was very happy when he found he earned USD16 which translated to 9 British pounds. That was the most that he had ever earned. Later that evening, his wife, also a smoker, asked him to go to the shops to buy her some cigarettes. He willingly went as he would be able to buy some for himself as well. At the shop he asked for 40 cigarettes and was told the price for 40 cigarettes. It was well over the 9 pounds that he earned through AdSense that day.

Although he was aware of the cost of cigarettes, it still came as a shock to him as there he was trying hard to increase his income from AdSense, and at the same time he was burning money by his smoking habits. That gave him the inspiration to stop smoking. He said it wasn't easy, but he did it and it helped to know that over a course of a year, he likely will save around a thousand pounds, which is a big help to him.

His wife too was very determined and has managed to stop smoking and they now live in a much healthier environment. Steve's story proved that it is possible to stop smoking naturally if you have the inspirationg and the motivation to do so.

Well, if you too would like to earn some income via AdSense and stop smoking at the same time, you can apply for an account by clicking on the AdSense text referral that reads "Generate revenue from your Website. Google AdSense" at the top of the right sidebar of this page.

BTW if you want to read the full article by Steve Hill, you can read it here at Increase AdSense earnings by quitting smoking


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As for me, I lose a lot of weight by earning through adsense ;-)


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