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Natural remedy for cold

What should one do if one catches the cold, flu, bronchitis or sinus problem? You should try the ancient food remedies passed down through the ages. These are chicken soup, garlic, horse-radish, hot chilli pepper, hot curry spices, mustard and vitamin C rich food. They help thin out and move the mucus so that they can be moved out and not clog the air passages. The hot stuff stimulates the nerve endings to send signals to the brain, which in turn activates secretion-producing glands lining the airways to release fluids that makes the eyes water and the nose runs. The same release of fluids in the bronchial passages breaks up congestion, flushes out sinuses and wash away irritants.

What about chicken soup? Chicken contains an amino acid called cysteine which is released when you boil the soup. Cysteine is very similar in chemical structure to the drug acetylcysteine prescribed for bronchitis and respiratory infections. They thin the mucus and making it easier to be expelled. So if you have a cold, or feel a cold coming on, put chicken together with lots of garlic, onions, pepper and chilies and make a soup to drink.

If you feel a sore throat coming on, eat some garlic or onion to ward it off. If you do it early enough, you may not even get sick. Dr. James North, chief microbiologist at Brigham Young University, Utah, has confirmed that garlic and onion kill viruses responsible for cold and flu.

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Matt said...

Wonderful blog you have here. :)

Anonymous said...

'If you feel a sore throat coming on, eat some garlic or onion to ward it off.'- Do we eat it raw?

Anonymous said...

For anti bacterial function, raw is better, for blood pressure lowering, raw or cooked make no difference.

Spider63 said...

Chicken soup always boosts my immune system whenever I feel any flu symptoms!


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