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Food to prevent candidiasis (candida overgrowth)

Candida overgrowth or candidiasis can probably be prevented by consuming kefir, a refreshing cultured-milk beverage, which originated many centuries ago, in the Northern Caucasus Mountains. Kefir contains a culture of many strains of good bacteria as well as yeast. The good bacteria and yeast can survive the passage through the stomach and colonize the intestinal tract and help keep the bad bacteria and candida at bay.

Kefir is easily prepared at home if you can get your hands on the kefir grains. Raw unpasteurised or pasteurised, full-cream, low fat or non-fat fresh milk is poured into a clean suitable container with the addition of kefir grains. The content is left to stand at room temperature for approx. 24 hours. The cultured-milk is strained in order to separate and retrieve the kefir grains from the liquid-kefir. The grains are added to more fresh milk, and the process is simply repeated. This simple process can be performed on an indefinite basis... for kefir grains are forever. The strained liquid-kefir may either be consumed fresh, refrigerated for later use, or ripened at room temperature over a period of days before consuming. The ripening process is useful for individuals who wish to reduce lactose in their kefir.

To find out more about kefir and to request help to obtain the kefir grains, join the Yahoo group "Kefir-Making"

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