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Aloe Vera as a Natural Preservative

Aloe Vera as a Natural Preservative

Spanish researchers have developed a colorless gel from the Aloe vera plant that can be used as an edible coating to protect and prolong the quality of fresh produce.

Table grapes once harvested show a reduction of shelf life (7 days at 1 C plus 4 days at 20 C) due to a rapid loss of quality based on the fast weight loss, color changes, accelerated softening and ripening, rachis browning, and high incidence of berry decay. Clusters treated with A. vera gel significantly delayed the above, and storability could be extended up to 35 days at 1 C, reduce the initial microbial counts for both mesophillic aerobic and yeast and molds, delaying rachis browning and dehydration and maintenance of the visual aspect of the berry without any detrimental effect on taste, aroma, or flavors.

Novel Edible Coating Based on Aloe vera Gel To Maintain Table Grape Quality and Safety

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